Crazybuy Canada, an international logistics company headquartered in Vancouver, employs a team of professionals to bring the finest quality goods to Canadian consumers. We have been operating on a local scale for many years. Though our focus has primarily been the transportation of items such as international parcels and documents, we are also heavily invested in the importation of authentic Taiwanese foods for our Vancouver and area customers to enjoy. To ensure our customers have access to the goods they most desire, we are not limited to Taiwan; we transport fine quality foods and other items from all over the world.

Among the products and services we offer are:

  • Ground service
    Crazybuy Canada is able to offer our customers Canada domestic parcel delivery and also works cooperatively with all major mail and courier services including UPS, Fedex, and Canada Post. We are equipped to handle everything from simple document delivery to domestic moving, and even commercial bulk parcel transportation.
  • International parcels
    We deliver international parcels and work in tandem with UPS, Fedex, and Canada Post to ship, receive, or transport the products our customers most desire. We offer discounts as high as 60 percent off regular delivery service for our valued customers.
  • Documents
    Crazybuy Canada provides cross-country document delivery via a special contract with UPS. This service begins at the low price of $45 CAD, making it efficient and affordable for our customers.